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Thank You! You Made 2013 GREAT!

Flavor Report - The Top 10, and More


It’s been a week since we closed down for the season, and I still shake my head thinking about the year. Record sales. Great reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other sites (and a Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor, too). So many nice comments in the store and on our Facebook page.

Gosh! I’m gushing like Shirley Temple before she became a U.S. Ambassador (kids, ask your parents what this means).

It really was a fantastic year, and we have you to thank for it. Your continued patronage and your bragging about us (to friends, to co-workers, to social networking sites, to review sites) makes us happy and busier than all-get-out.

We’re glad to have seen you and served you, and look forward to a repeat performance next year.


If you haul out last year’s end-of-season newsletter and look at the Top 10 report, you’ll see the same flavors as below, but a slightly different order. Here’s this year’s Top 10:

Oreo Cookie

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Just Plain Chocolate

Mint Chocolate Chip


NY Cheesecake


Very Vanilla

Oregon Black Cherry


Just Plain Chocolate and Coffee moved up a notch, while Mint Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla dropped one place each. Big deal. And while that’s the whole story for the rankings, it doesn’t tell the entire story for this year’s sales. We found that, much like last year, there was more demand for these Top 10 flavors than for all of our other offerings…combined. Sure, folks seemed to go for new flavors like Orange Chocolate Chip and the new versions of Caramel Apple and Jamaican Rum Raisin (and all three will be back), but…when push came to shove (like when we were really busy, and people really were pushing and shoving), customers asked for the standards, over and over, and over. In fact, on holiday weekends, the Top 10 flavors were the overwhelming choice (so much so that we were continually running out of stuff). It was hard to keep up with the demand…but we found that most folks, when faced with an empty tub of their favorite flavor, would order another flavor…usually another one of the Top 10.


So….we will continue to have the standards, of course, but our goal in 2014 - to get you to try something new and something different. It’s ALL good, after all.


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