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One question we’re asked constantly is, “When are you going to have _____________?” (and then fill in the blank with whatever favorite flavor we currently don’t have). Some have wondered if we rotate flavors seasonally; some think we might use a regular schedule, some think it’s all whimsy, and one guy wondered if I pull the flavors out of my hat. The answers are: yes, yes, yes, and I don’t wear a hat (then again, he wasn’t pointing at my head).

There are some flavors that we bring out because of the season, like Peach and Coconut (summer) and Pumpkin Pie (fall). Some we always do when we do them because we’ve always done it then - Chocolate Covered Banana has been a summer staple not because banana chips remind us of summer, but because we’ve always done it then (and many of you expect it). Ditto for GingerSnap (always first of the new season, and at the end of the season). Many others fit this pattern.

Whimsy is a little harder to nail down…for example, we know we want to rotate the chip-flavors (white chocolate, butterscotch, and the chocolate chip variations), but which one goes in when? Yeah, it’s IS like pulling them out of a hat. Sometimes it’s me (hey, isn’t it time for Aztec Chocolate?), and sometimes it’s the ice-cream-maker herself (hey, shouldn’t I be making Swiss Mint about now?). And despite what she says at the end of every season (when she’s tired of making ice cream), she does “get the itch” to try new flavors and we’re all the richer for it (re: Orange Chocolate Chip).

And sometimes what we schedule doesn’t come to pass. We might schedule a flavor and then find out we can’t get a specific ingredient for it. This year’s example: Raspberry Chocolate Chip was supposed to be a Spring Break flavor. Didn’t happen - no raspberries. Sometimes we actually MAKE the flavor, then we find no room for it, as the flavor that was supposed to be gone is still in the freezer. Danish Sweet Cream was two weeks later than we planned. Frozen stuff happens.

So the best advice I can give followers of specific flavors is this:

1. Keep reading these emails.

2. Follow us on Facebook, as we update new flavors as they happen.

3. Develop backup favorite flavors in case we don’t have what you’re looking for (it’s all good).


4. Remind me to get another hat.


Here’s an update on various flavors of ice cream that you’ll never see in our store because…well, because they’re just too weird. We have two new ones to report, and both hail from Japan, where we’ve encountered “horsemeat & vanilla,” so you know they’ll be…uh, different. There’s an eatery that features an all-dirt menu, and they include “Dirt ice cream,” but that’s not what is pictured. No, that’s our winner for weirdness - Squid Ink. Yeah, squid ink. Very black, very fishy.

At least it’s not artificially flavored or colored…


It’s weekends only until we get into the holiday weekend. For the first three weeks it’s:

Friday & Saturday: 1pm to 9pm

Sunday: 1pm to 7pm

Memorial Day weekend sees this change:

Thursday: 1pm to 7pm

Friday: 1pm to 9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 1pm to 10pm

Monday (Memorial Day): 1pm to 7pm


We plan on changing a number of the special flavors sometime this month. Flavors that are scheduled to disappear are in Purple Italics. New flavors (we hope) include: Butter Pecan, Jamaican Rum Raisin (already in), Licorice, Mango, Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Spumoni, and Swiss Mint. And maybe a couple of others, too.

As always, check our Facebook page for updates. And “Like us” if you haven’t already - that way, you won’t miss a thing!


Caramel Cashew

Aztec Chocolate

Chocolate Almond

Bananas Foster

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Danish Sweet Cream

Coffee Double

Butterscotch Chip

Just Plain Chocolate

English Toffee


Jamaican Rum Raisin

Mint Chocolate Chip

Orange Chocolate Chip

New York Cheesecake

Oregon Hazelnut

Oregon Black Cherry

Peppermint Candy

Oreo Cookie

Root Beer Float


Toasted Marshmallow

Very Vanilla

White Chocolate Chip


If you have questions about this newsletter or about Zinger's Homemade Ice Cream, contact us via e-mail: newsletter@zingersicecream.com

On the web: http://www.ZingersIceCream.com

Find us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/zingersicecream


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