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We asked ourselves - which will we run out of first - energy, or ice cream? Or both?

Suffice to say 2009 was a wild journey, and like the bumper cars it ended sooner than expected. Don't cry for us, Argentina - we had our best year ever. The warm weather helped, and of course, we're very popular. However, like the bumper cars it was anything but a smooth ride. We experienced more record days than ever, but we also had our share of slow spots. While we had planned to run longer into October, things just worked out so that we realized the value of stopping on the last Sunday in September. The weather cooperated nicely, being super nice for the last weekend and fall-like nasty the very next day, making us look like geniuses.

Before we go any further, let us reassure you that we'll be re-opening for our TENTH YEAR in February, 2010. Plan ahead.

We do apologize for the sudden closure and short notice, but since most of you see us in the summer, perhaps no apology is needed. The fact is more than three-quarters of our ice creams are consumed in the "season" from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Starting up is a process that we can pretty much determine at will - just order all your supplies, make a whole bunch of stuff, and away you go (OK, it's not that easy). Then, once we start, we throw all our energy (as much as two middle-aged people can muster) into making ice cream and fudge on a consistent basis. We go nuts all summer long as we're busier than a mosquito in a nudist camp. Then, we hit the fall season, when folks think of school, football, and other stuff, and we start to wind down. Stopping is harder than starting, as we try to time it so we don't have a whole bunch of fresh stuff around getting old. You wouldn't like that. So, closing is a timing issue, and it seems that we do it earlier each year because you eat so much of our good stuff.

Moral - get here sooner.

We did make a lot of new friends this year. So many people asked, "And how long have you been here? Are you new?" that we wondered ourselves sometimes (see TEN YEARS above). With all the dessert choices in town we do appreciate that you think so highly of us (you still do even though we're closed, don't you?).

We'll be back before you know it.


Here are the top 10 flavors for 2009:

1. Mint Chocolate Chip

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter

3. Oreo Cookie

4. Marionberry

5. Just Plain Chocolate

6. Very Vanilla

7. Coffee/Coffee Bean

8. Oregon Black Cherry

9. Chocolate Almond

10. Strawberry

You can see that there were a few surprises. Oreo Cookie fell to #3 as Chocolate Peanut Butter edged in for the second spot - in fact, Chocolate Peanut Butter was our top seller earlier in the year (right after the peanut contamination scare - go figure). Oregon Black Cherry cracked the top 10 for the first time, and Chocolate and Vanilla switched places. Otherwise it was like always - the flavors bubbling below the top 10 include New York Cheesecake, Malted Milk Ball and Butter Pecan.

What about new flavors? Our German Chocolate was very popular, but we always figure that any chocolate will sell well (look at the top 10). We could make a "Chocolate Chair Leg" flavor and some folks would still order it. I can hear the conversation now...

"This Chocolate Chair Leg...does it have pieces of wooden chairs, or metal chairs? I prefer the it maple?"

Blueberry Cheesecake also won fans, as did Pistachio. Expect to see all of these flavors return next year.


And what about next year? Well, besides hoping to see you again (several times) we also want your opinion on a variety of aspects of the ice cream world, including your last vist to Zinger's. So draw upon your memory banks and recall the service, the flavor(s), and the yummy goodness (we hope) and be prepared to tell us about it. The survey will be ready later this fall and we'll let you know when you can fill in the blanks (online). And we'll be rewarding you for your efforts with ice cream. What could be fairer than to bribe you for your honest opinions?

Watch your email for details later this fall...


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