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Last month, we discussed the fact that it’s local businesses, not the franchise guys, which make up the majority of the vendors up and down the main drag of Seaside. Back in the old days it was known as the Old Shell Road (guess what it was made of…go ahead, guess), and now you know it as Broadway. But I only briefly touched on the importance of local vendors, and this month wanted to go into a bit more about why “buying local” is so important.

You’ve heard about how “local” dollars are important to local economies, as the money tends to circulate more in the community, adding value, etc. It’s no different here in Seaside, plus, we have a little something extra in that most of our dollars come from OUTSIDE the area (as tourism is our main industry). So in “keeping local” we try our best to buy local as well. Our dairy mix comes from Junction City, and most of the other ingredients are locally bought if not made here.

For example: Our nuts come from Oregon and California, with the exception of the pecans. Fruits are the same - we get most from Nor-Pac in Lake Oswego, and the cherries come from the Oregon Cherry Growers Association in Salem. OK, the mangos aren’t grown locally. Cocoa (for chocolate) is obviously not grown here also, but we are supplied by two of the best - Ghirardelli, and Guittard - and both are located in California. Most everything else is purchased locally even though it’s not made here, like Oreos. Still, we do our best.

And even though we use eco-friendly packaging, we try to buy local. It’s a lot easier nowadays as the industry has “gotten the green idea.” We are always working to do more, which is why we’re excited to announce that we found a new vendor for our wooden tasting spoons. Instead of importing them from China, they are made in California!

We thank you for “buying local” (us) and encourage you to support us little guys and gals who make the effort to make local products “just a little bit better.”


Regarding your coupon (found at the bottom of the newsletter)…several of you have asked if, rather than print the coupon, you could just “show it” when you’re in the store (on your cell phone or tablet). YES! You don’t have to print it! You can save paper! Heck, we’re easy like that.


1. Chocolate Waffle cones are BACK! We do it every season, from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. That means now.

2. We’re ramping up our selection of fudge, as we’re open daily now. Look for more of your favorite flavors in the fudge cases. OK, don’t look, eat.


Here we go! We’re open every day now until the middle of September. The hours will vary, however. It gets a little weird, because of the way school closing works out here this year. For May 31 through June 10, we’re open as follows:

• Sunday through Thursday: 1pm to 7pm

• Friday: 1pm to 9pm

• Saturday: 1pm to 10pm

Beginning June 11 we’re open weeknights to 8pm (Monday-Thursday). Same hours as above for Friday & Saturday. Then, on June 18th (Monday), that’s graduation here (yeah, it’s later than normal), and we’ll close at 6pm that night only. Finally, once school is out (June 22!), it’s like this:

• Sunday through Thursday: 1pm to 9pm

• Friday and Saturday: 1pm to 10pm


Here are the flavors we start with for June:


Caramel Cashew Bananas Foster

Chocolate Almond Butter Pecan

Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Peanut Chip (leaving)

Coffee Coconut

Just Plain Chocolate Danish Sweet Cream

Marionberry Lemon Custard

Mint Chocolate Chip Licorice

New York Cheesecake Maple Walnut

Oregon Black Cherry Oregon Hazelnut

Oreo Cookie Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Strawberry (replaces Strawberry-Banana) Peppermint Candy

Very Vanilla Toasted Marshmallow

Later in the month, you’ll see: Double Butterscotch Chip comes back shortly…and can Chocolate Covered Banana and Root Beer Float be far behind?

As always, check us on Facebook for flavor changes!


If you have questions about this newsletter or about Zinger's Homemade Ice Cream, contact us via e-mail: newsletter@zingersicecream.com

On the web: http://www.ZingersIceCream.com

Find us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/zingersicecream


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