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Google and Facebook have enormous economic and political power in society — especially over the news industry. Many ask if they have played a role in the misinformation that erodes our free pr…

If what follows is going to make sense to you, it might help to know I’ve been a serious student of history since 1969 when a leprechaun-like dean put this 18-year-old country boy into a grad-…

Mark Twain is credited with telling readers to buy land because, he warned, they aren’t making more of it. Unfortunately, farmland sold too often is put to other uses and is lost forever.

On first glance, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the case of a former Bremerton High School assistant football coach seems like a reasonable constitutional balancing act.

Another Fourth of July, another mass shooting. Given the circumstances, there will be more such shootings, many times over, until we get the changes that most Americans want.

Ivona Scarborough re 'Letters to Anne of Green Gables'

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