In a local contest that has been thoroughly ugly, the dirtiest detail has been the expensive post card that carried the Big Lie. The lie was that Clatsop County Measure 4-123 could make our district attorney the highest paid in Oregon.

Even if Richard Lee were indulging in word play, that post card carried a grotesque misstatement. After Lee and his colleagues slashed the pay of the district attorney, our DA is the lowest paid in the state. If the ballot measure passes, he would rise to 16th. There is no way he would become the highest paid DA in Oregon.

This wild assertion is one more reminder of how many times county commissioners have changed their story as this business has unfolded.

The other elephantine curiosity in this election is the $4,000 contribution to the No on 4-123 campaign from a woman in Hubbard. We are supposed to believe that this woman with extended ties to Commissioner Lee gave this money. The state Elections Division has no record of the woman giving in an election. The statement she sent The Daily Astorian has the appearance of something written by a lawyer. The $4,000 looks suspicious and raises the question of money laundering.

We must give credit to the broad coalition that wrote Measure 4-123. It is a reasoned response to gross inequity. The Oregonian has editorialized that our ballot measure that would tie the pay of a district attorney to that of state circuit court judges makes a lot of sense. In other words, it is a solution with statewide merit.


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