August filled with visitors, volleyball and picnics

<p>Claire Lovell</p>

Late in July, Bonnie Doney welcomed a visit from her grandson, Sebastian Don Davis, whose home is in Arizona. He came up to attend Camp Kiwanilong.

When I was first introduced to this boy, he was a new creature, about 22 inches long. Now, he’s a self-assured 8-year-old with impeccable manners, beautiful blue eyes and blond eyelashes.

I rode to church with Sebastian in the back seat of the car, and, as I fumbled with the seatbelt – often a chore – he reached over and fastened it for me. It’s always enlightening to watch the little ones move along. They give us hope for our country’s future.

The Seaside Beach Volleyball tournament, which used to take me to the Prom, doesn’t do that anymore, except for a passing glimpse. A friend took me by on Friday, the first day, and there were nets as far as the eye could see.

Saturday was beautiful, perhaps too hot for the players, though they don’t wear much. It’s not as large as the Hood to Coast run, I think. Traffic is slow and always generates a longing to mess with the highway, in some circles.

People should develop a little patience. They have many electronic and digital toys to use while they wait, or perhaps an educational or amusing CD of some sort. How much would they gain anyway – two or three minutes? It may be Highway 101, a fairly recent designation, but nine or 10 months out of the year it works fine for a small town.

Paul Trap, author of the “Thatababy” cartoon, which we find in the Daily Astorian, made a real boo boo in the Aug. 13 edition. He’s not the only person who has done this, but he used the nonword “odiferous” in his strip. There is no such word. It should be “odoriferous.” It’s sort of like leaving out the second syllable of camaraderie, as so many people do. Tsk!

Friday, Aug. 16, was such a beautiful day. The ocean was truly pacific – only four or five shallow breakers, the rest being flat. A collection of surfers and kayakers was in the Cove – 15 or 20 of them – and two of these guys went out, it seemed, almost to the horizon. Scary. Many visitors were on the beach, enjoying the spectacular weather.

On Aug. 18, there were at least two picnics, one from our church and the American Legion’s annual event under a tent. (Ooh, I made a poem!) I went to the legion party because my friend Emmy wanted to join the auxiliary. The Country Breeze, a western trio, played all afternoon, a bunch of oldies from the 1950s and ‘60s. We ate too much and always appreciate the lengths to which officers and volunteers go to feed everyone and show us a good time.

There are lots of great memories of the Seaside chapter, wherever it stood. I joined in 1947. We’ve always been glad to be a part of something that works so hard for our servicemen and women – the bravest of the brave! Thanks, you guys!

A nosy little girl once asked, “Grandma, how old are you?” “None of your business,” replied Grandma. “How much do you weigh?” was the next question. “You never ask a woman that!” Grandma told her. Next morning, the little one had this to say: “Grandma, I saw your driver’s license. I know you’re 62 years old, you weigh 165 pounds and you got an ‘F’ in sex!”


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