Column: Everything’s happening at the Cannon Beach Library

<p>Carla O'Reilly</p>

Our little library always feels so cozy and serene – yet it’s such a “happening” place at the same time!

Marjorie MacQueen is in charge of ordering new books, and in addition to making sure we are well stocked with the latest works of mystery and fiction, she also makes sure we purchase nonfiction books that are timely and important.

“The End of Night,” by Paul Bogard, is a good example of this. Published by Little, Brown and Company in July 2013, the book addresses the problem of our ever-increasing brightly lit nights, especially in urban areas. Bogard chronicles his travels from the brightest spot on earth, Las Vegas, Nev., to areas that have blacker nights, such as Nevada’s Great Basin National Park.

He estimates that 40 percent of Americans never use their night vision because it’s not necessary. The absence of natural darkness has other effects — for instance, disrupting the feeding habits of bats and other animals.

The book combines history, science, sociology and the natural wonder of the night sky — an excellent read! This book will also interest Cannon Beach residents who have an eye on making sure our city is dark at night.

‘Red dot’ books

The Cannon Beach Library is also adding a new category of books: “red dot books.” The collection, which will be in a prominent place up front, will contain “books new to us” — previously published volumes that are only now being added to our Cannon Beach collection.

June events

Our June schedule continues to be a busy one – even taking into consideration that there will be no monthly club meeting. At 2 p.m. Saturday, June 14, our Northwest Author Series continues as author Natalie Serber speaks to us about her book, “Shout Her Lovely Name,” a collection of stories about mothers and daughters.

Cannon Beach Reads will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 18. The group will read and discuss Peter Laufer’s book, “The Dangerous World of Butterflies: The Startling Subculture of Criminals, Collectors and Conservationists.” Laufer, an independent journalist and broadcaster, explores the presence of butterflies in the fields of organized crime, ecological devastation, species depletion and chaos theory.

For young readers

To enhance and encourage the reading of books by young people, we will offer a youth summer reading contest this summer. Registration begins June 13, and the program will run until Aug. 23. Prizes can be earned along the way, and there will be a grand prize awarded at the end of the summer. Who will read the most books?

We have also added some new titles to our youth collection:

• Monster High Series: “Ghoulfriends Forever,” “Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun,” “Who’s That Ghoulfriend?” “Ghoulfriends Till the End,” By Gitty Daneshvari

• Ever After High Series: “The Storybook of Legends,” “The Unfairest of Them All,” By Shannon Hale.

• Frozen: “Junior Novelization Little Golden Book,” By R.H. Disney

• Minecraft: “Essential Handbook,” By Scholastic

• Minecraft: Adventures: “Herobrine Rises,” By S.D. Stuart.

• Spirit Animals Series: Book 1 — “Wild Born,” Book 2 — “Hunted,” By Brandon Hull and Maggie Stiefvater.

Also, don’t forget our upcoming puppet show, which will be on July 19!

Library is a bargain

Our library is truly a bargain for Cannon Beach and Arch Cape residents. Our grant from the city only costs $8.87 per resident – much less than for other communities. Our other fundraising efforts generate $28.45 per resident, while our volunteer activities provide $54.28 per resident in value. Luckily we have a hard-working group of volunteers, but we can always use more help!

One group of volunteers meets every Tuesday to sort and price books newly donated by library patrons, so a new assortment of books is added every week to our book sale room.

A library card only costs $5 per year, which is very reasonable. If a card is up for yearly renewal, this appears on our computer screen when a patron checks out books. Also, this is the time to renew your club membership for $10 if you have not done so. This can also be accomplished through one of our desk volunteers.

Some library patrons might not know that we have an ever-expanding collection of DVDs for people of all ages – come check it out!


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