Column: So much to do in Seaside, and so much to read, too!

<p>Ester Moberg</p>

This time of year is one of my favorite seasons here on the coast. The weather is very changeable, and we have already had a 50-degree increase in just one week!

Of course the best part is that we sweltered only for a week before it cooled back down to our typical mild temperatures.

One of the things I love about Seaside is the variety of outdoor events. I participated in Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District’s “Prom on the Prom” 5K run in a “prom” dress I had picked up off the rack at Goodwill half an hour before. Fortunately, the hot glue holding the seams together held throughout the race!

The out-of-town visitors on the Prom were confused by all the people running and walking past them in fancy dresses and running shoes.

I also had the opportunity to help with the Kiwanis golf scramble that was a fundraiser for Camp Kiwanilong. Apparently, the chip shot contest was a little too easy this year; next year we will have to double the distance! I don’t golf, so I had no idea that our 30- to 40-foot distance wasn’t nearly as challenging as we had intended for a lot of experienced golfers.

In May, I also had the free time to hike Tillamook Head. I hadn’t been over the route in years, and it was great to find they had done some improvements on the south side of the hill. Of course, since it is spring, it was very muddy and my shoes and legs were covered with mud by the end, but that’s the risk you take on any hike in the spring around this area.

With just those three events I have listed — a golf event by the Necanicum River, a beach run on the Prom, and a hike through the Elmer Feldenheimer Forest over the Tillamook Head (aka “Clark’s Mountain”) — where else can you have such a beautiful and diverse variety of scenery and flora to view?

Part of my love for Seaside stems from all the options we have. If it rains one day, you can curl up with a good book in front of your fireplace. The next day, if it is bright and sunny, then it is time to be at the beach, soaking up the vitamin D and salt air!

If you are looking for a great ideas for hikes, the Seaside Public Library has some suggestions for you. For some basic beach hikes, try “Exploring the Wild Oregon Coast,” by Bonnie Henderson. For maps and hikes from Saddle Mountain to Neahkanie, try “Pacific Northwest Hiking,” by Scott Leonard and Megan McMorris.

One of my favorite Oregon authors, William Sullivan, has published a book called, “Exploring Oregon’s Wild Areas,” that gives you the history of hikes throughout Oregon, as well as descriptive hike information, including geology and types of flora and fauna you might encounter.

Sullivan has also written a book called, “100 Hikes/Travel Guide Oregon Coast & Coast Range,” listing hikes from Long Beach, Wash. all the way down to the redwoods in California. There are hand-drawn maps in this book that are fun to look at.

These books and more on hiking are all available at the Seaside Library.


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