Please consider a yes vote on Ballot Measure 4-152, the upcoming Seaside School District local option levy.

Our students have consistently scored in the highest percentiles of the rigorous state scoring standards. There has been a significant increase in student achievement during the years the local option levy has been in place.

Continuing the current level of education for the youth of our communities has been a difficult task, especially the past several years. Staff reductions were made this year to offset our revenue deficit, resulting in increased class size.

If we lose the revenue support the option levy provides our district, additional staff positions will be lost and valuable programs will undoubtedly be eliminated. Class sizes will increase.

In the past, our citizens have committed to providing our young people with the quality education they deserve by approving special levies. The needs of our students have never been greater. Your investment in the education of our youth is an investment in our community and our future.

Please remember that approval of Measure 4-152 will not create an additional tax assessment. It will simply be a continuation of the current 52-cents/$1,000 of assessed valuation.

Vote yes on Measure 4-152 in support of our Seaside schools.

Tom and Ginger Maltman