Discovering a new talent in a friend

<p>Claire Lovell</p>

That was a great article in the Coast Weekend a while back about my neighbor, Roger Thompson, who is “craftily” preparing a violin in the picture. It’s a story written by Kate Giese.

I’ve known Roger and Barbara for years and watched their kids grow to leaving-home age. He once sang in our choir when I did, too, but never did I know how talented and versatile he is.

He reminds me of the reason I chose “Desert Rose” for a pseudonym for my column at St. Mary’s Hospital. It was the quotation, “Full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its fragrance on the desert air” that motivated me. No flower here, but I guess Roger has hidden his light under a bushel basket. I need to show him more respect when I pass! Congratulations, Roj!

I finally saw two butterflies – not those small, ubiquitous cream-colored things that may be moths, but larger yellow creatures with black stripes. One of them was fluttering on a blackberry blossom.

Rumor has it that a new business is going into Suites 102 and 103 at Clatsop Community Bank, although they’re not moving very fast. And what about the gutting of the old Thriftway building for a new NAPA Auto Parts store, according to Greg at the old location? Glenn Bard would be proud. But what a waste of parking! I was hoping it could be the new food bank.

A strange and extremely lucky circumstance took place in my laundry the other day. I carelessly missed one pocket in my jeans and sent a nitro bottle through the entire wash cycle, rinse, rinse, spin – without mishap. The bottle came through unscathed; the pills were dry, and I was so glad the machine and all didn’t have to be thrown out. Think of the panic if that bottle had broken. I didn’t even discover it until the next day. P.S. Don’t try this at home!

When we were surfer watching in the Cove on a Thursday, some sort of boat was being pulled from the water onto a carrier, drawn by a truck. There were six guys involved. One of them, who was parked near us, got away before he could be questioned. At first I thought it might have been tsunami debris, but it was such a good-looking vessel and had an Evinrude motor, so I posited it might have been in the surf, had motor failure and so they brought it out . Or maybe they had just been fishing, who knows? And where was (photographer) Hugh McKenna when you needed him?

Have you ever seen the faces in a banana? I know this sounds like someone hard up for entertainment, but truly, in a sliced banana, every face is different. Try it. You’ll be impressed.

I usually get my jokes from Joel Osteen or John Hagee, both good storytellers on TBN. Earlier, naturally, I used those of John Raniero, who was a world-class raconteur. He said I did OK with them, although it was not a talent of mine before I knew him. Some of you may wonder why I try to have at least one funny story in every column. The reason laughter is good medicine is that the physical action releases endorphins into the system – analgesic proteins that cheer us, whereas anger can raise blood pressure or cause one’s insides to churn adversely.

An old couple in their 60s was celebrating their years of being together. An angel granted each of them one wish. The woman asked that they might be able to travel to a certain country of Europe, and poof! She had two tickets in her hand. Then the man had his turn, and he asked to be married to a woman 30 years younger than he, and poof! He was 90 years old! (Courtesy Joel Osteen.)

I got up at 4 a.m. one Sunday to see the super moon, but there wasn’t any. The shine coming into my room was only the dawn’s early light.


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