The Warrenton City Council faces an historic choice. At a work session tonight, councilors will consider a proposal from Warrenton Fiber to trade away the city’s Tansy Point property. Impressive rental income from that property makes it what Roble Anderson calls “the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

Anderson is part of a group of five with deep Warrenton roots that opposes the land swap. Another is Todd Dowaliby, a descendant or Eben Carruthers, who gave the Tansy Point property to the city of Warrnenton some 40 years ago. The opposition group’s perspective was described in Chelsea Gorrow’s May 22 article.

What lawyers call donor intent is one reason why commissioners might think twice about this proposal. Liquefied Natural Gas is another. As Gorrow reported, Warrenton Fiber’s owner, Martin Nygaard, has entertained the idea of placing an LNG terminal at Tansy Point. In Gorrow’s article, Nygaard’s son Dave discounted that possibility, saying that the city could prohibit LNG in an agreement with Warrenton Fiber.

History offers a cautionary tale. Months prior to selling another Warrenton property to Wal-Mart, Dave Nygaard stated flatly that the Nygaards would not sell their property to Wal-Mart. Nygaard made the statement during a meeting at The Daily Astorian office.

It was startling and curious when the Nygaards sold to Wal-Mart, because they are such an old Astoria family. Of all the retail giants they might have brought into Clatsop County, Wal-Mart poses the biggest threat to main street businesses.

Eben Carruthers was much more nurturing to his community. The Tansy Point property he gave has been an enormous boon to the city.

Be careful and conservative is the best advice anyone could give Warrenton commissioners. It is a good bet that trading away this crown jewel is the last thing Eben Carruthers would urge.

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