Bernie Panders

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Willy Warfrat

What is up with this new cartoon service. These political cartoons are neither meaningful nor funny. They are hard to figure out besides the general tone of dull witted smears towards the 'left' in general. Jay Inslee boating away from the polar bears? As if he has abandoned the environmental movement? Inslees 6 point plan for dealing with global warming has been adopted by several of the Democratic candidates for President. Sanders 'pandering' for votes? With a race-themed fried chicken note? Sanders has been advocating for low income Americans his entire career. Check out his actual platform! If ever there was a phony party line, leading Americans to vote against their own public interest, it has got to be the current GOP. Cartoons supporting the GOP should be more explicit: "Down with government, let Big Business make the rules." "Tax breaks for millionaires, cut social programs to balance the budget." "Unite the workers behind astro-turf slogans like 'TimberUnity', so the Koch Bros don't have to pay for fouling the air & water!" I realize the Daily Astorian has been turned over to some sort of committee of rotating 'conservatives' (Pero? Nostrand? dePledge? . . .) without explanation, but please, can't we have some thinking in our opinions? Surely there are conservative cartoons that don't spark painful embarrassment for the editors & artist. Bring back Oliphant & Doonesbury! At least they were funny, the artwork interesting, & the messages worth thinking about.

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