Editorial cartoon: Democratic debates

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Stephen Malkowski

Barack Obama, maybe the farthest left President we’ve had in the last century, would have been a ‘conservative Democrat’ on the stage the last 2 nights. That is not a joke or hyperbole. His policies were being openly and successfully attacked from the LEFT last night. And the audience was cheering it wildly. Very strange sight.

I can’t believe some of the plans that are being debated by the Democrats right now. It’s insanity. I’m a firm believer in the two party system, and I don’t want the Democrat party to collapse. Then we’ll be left with single party rule and that never turns out well.

But I can honestly say, I hope the Democrats get absolutely pummeled in 2020, and I hope that sends them into some type of soul searching that will lead to a reformation within the party. What I’ve seen over the past two debates is just terrible.

The identity politics, the race card, the borderline communism, the irrational immigration and healthcare policies, all of it is just terrible.

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