Electing appellate judges is one of the most distant choices Oregon voters make. Unless one is an appellate lawyer, we have no contact with this component of our judiciary.

The Oregon Court of Appeals has a rare open seat, which the voters must fill. Candidates are Portland lawyer Tim Volpert, Linn County Circuit Judge James Egan and Allan Arlow, an administrative law judge with the state Public Utility Commission.

Volpert has the energy and has displayed the kind of commitment to community that one hopes to see in judges. Following VolpertÂ’s March 20 Astoria visit, Tyler Graf reported the lawyer has done considerable pro bono work, outside of his private practice. Moreover, he represented the Vernonia School District in a landmark Supreme Court case in 1995, which helped enumerate studentsÂ’ Fourth Amendment rights at school. The decision overturned a Ninth Circuit Court decision, stating that school districts could not subject students to random drug tests. In other words, Volpert has real appellate experience.

We recommend Tim Volpert for Oregon Court of Appeals.