The following is a summary of The Daily Astorian’s endorsements in the May 15 election

Nebeker for County Commission District 2

The only contested race for Clatsop County Commissioner is District 2, to fill the position vacated by Patricia Roberts. The candidates are Sara Nebeker of Gearhart and John Dunzer of Seaside.

Gearhart is notorious for the development questions that have divided it. The Gearhart Planning Commission, on which Nebeker served, has done substantial work. She was part of the commission that established a building line on the dunes in front of Gearhart – an accomplishment that grows more significant as the years pass. Learning to navigate those waters was good preparation for service on the Clatsop County Commission.

Jail bond measure deserves support

Over two decades, the pages of this newspaper have carried news of criminal offenders who have been released because of jail overcrowding.

The jail bond measure on the ballot ... is an excellent solution. Instead of building an entirely new jail in Warrenton – as was proposed in 2002 – this concept would empty the jail of sheriff’s administrative offices and move them to the county Transition Center in Warrenton.

The most direct impact of a larger jail would be truth in sentencing. ... This jail expansion proposal is grounded in wise use of a facility Clatsop County already owns. It is an intelligent solution. Now is the time. Let’s do it.

Two good candidates for AG

Oregon voters face a difficult, yet encouraging choice for attorney general.

Our choices are former Appeals Court Judge Ellen Rosenblum and former acting U.S. Attorney for Oregon Dwight Holton.

In a nutshell, Holton emphasizes the criminal prosecutorial side of the office, while Rosenblum notes that aspect, but points to the AG office’s wider impact. ... While Rosenblum’s campaign money is almost totally coming from Oregonians, Holton’s is coming from the East Coast, where his family is politically connected.

It is embarrassing and discouraging that the Republican Party has no candidate for the state’s top law-enforcement job. But we are fortunate to have two candidates for Attorney General who are eminently qualified.

• Audio interviews with Holton and Rosenblum can be accessed at www.dailyastorian. com/multimedia

Tim Sercombe for Supreme Court

Historically, vacant Supreme Court positions have been filled by governors. With the retirement of Judge Robert Durham, there is an empty spot, which has attracted three candidates. They include Judge Tim Sercombe, now serving on the Oregon Court of Appeals, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Richard Baldwin and Nena Cook, a Portland lawyer in private practice.

Judge Sercombe is the best candidate for this position on the state’s highest court, and not simply because he already does appellate judging. Sercombe enjoyed a diverse law practice for some 30 years before appointment to the Court of Appeals.

Tim Volpert for Appeals Court

The Oregon Court of Appeals has a rare open seat, which the voters must fill. Candidates are Portland lawyer Tim Volpert, Linn County Circuit Judge James Egan and Allan Arlow, an administrative law judge with the state Public Utility Commission.

Volpert has the energy and has displayed the kind of commitment to community that one hopes to see in judges. Volpert ... represented the Vernonia School District in a landmark Supreme Court case in 1995, which helped enumerate students’ Fourth Amendment rights at school. The decision overturned a Ninth Circuit Court decision, stating that school districts could not subject students to random drug tests. In other words, Volpert has real appellate experience.

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