Editorial cartoon: Give me my wall

The support from the North Coast community for Coast Guard personnel still waiting for a paycheck during the longest government shutdown in history is laudable. Businesses and individuals have lined up to provide food and services to our Coast Guard neighbors while they continue to wait for their pay.

They’ve been caught in the middle of the political theater that President Donald Trump is directing — the now 32-day government shutdown. Instead of depositing a paycheck this past weekend, more than 1,300 local residents went to a makeshift food bank instead.

This should have never been necessary.

The temper tantrum our president is throwing over a border wall is a spectacle worthy of a reality TV star — a lot of inflated drama and show to entertain the fans. Well, we aren’t laughing.

Progressives in this country were reminded the hard way in 2016 that elections matter. Trump is learning that now, having lost the House of Representatives to the Democrats. He has to bargain, not dictate. We expect him to negotiate in good faith on border security and keep the government lights on at the same time.

It is inexcusable for the United States to make beggars of our armed forces. We hope that even the most ardent Trump supporters can agree with us on that.

The Coast Guard continues to perform dangerous and critical work to keep our maritime economy moving. They are not shirking rescue of fishermen or tourists, or patrol of our rivers and oceans.

The greatest nation on earth? Not if we don’t make caring for the military personnel who protect it a priority. Our credibility with the world and within our nation sinks as the shutdown drags on with no compromise on immigration policy in sight.

The president has made hostages out of the people of this country. It’s time to end the gamesmanship. Stop the shutdown.

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