Astoria School District prepares for a day we hope never comes

In the face of chaos, it is essential to be rational. That is one way of describing how Astoria school leaders have prepared for violent intruders. Edward Stratton described the schools’ new security measures in Wednesday’s edition.

Starting with Columbine in 1999, there has been a succession of school massacres across America. This has become an unfortunate reality that would likely startle the boys and girls who inhabited Astoria’s schools 50 years ago.

Providing a safe place for students is the first charge of a school district. Safety can mean many things. Some years ago Astoria High School Principal Larry Lockett saw the need to make AHS culturally inclusive. He began what became an annual diversity day.

By connecting with other school districts, Astoria’s administrators were able to learn best practices for responding to shooting incidents.

The district deserves credit for being responsive and intelligent in its preparations for day that we all hope never comes.

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