Claire Lovell

• This story is second hand so the details are probably faulty but it’s a good one, perhaps from Paul Harvey.

A guy was in the ocean, either because he had gone over the side or the boat had sunk. He was disoriented and treading water, not having the slightest idea where he was and beginning to tire. Soon he was surrounded by a pod of dolphins who began to push him toward shore. They stayed surrounding him and urging him on until land was in sight and he was able to make it to safety.

I forgot who told it so I don’t even know where it happened, but truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

• Editor, Don, caught me with a misspelled word last week. How humiliating, though turn about is fair play. As I get older, I do leave out a letter now and then or spell phonetically and don’t always catch it in the proofing. Hey, we can’t be perfect all the time.

• A certain monastery was one where the monks took an oath of silence for a long period. After seven years, one monk said, “The food sure is awful around here.” After the next seven years, a second monk spoke up saying, “I think the food is awful too!” Another seven years went by and a third monk remarked: “There sure is a lot of griping going on in this place.”

• The obituary for Evelyn Dobson, who died Jan. 5 at home, was a surprise. She’d been gone from Seaside for so long, I didn’t know she’d moved to another place. One more former, active citizen, making her way in the long line of friends to wherever their journeys take them.

• Olney is the place I’ve always thought of as a refuge of just the right size, if Seaside, in its attempt to be so sophisticated ever becomes intolerable. Vader, Wash., is another such town. Personally, if I lived in a place with a small diner, an all-night greasy spoon and a good Chinese restaurant, I couldn’t ask for more. Those were the days.

• Floyd Pittard, who died Jan. 16 in Union, Wash., is another great loss. I think Floyd became ill soon after he left Seaside. While he was among us, he was always busy and well liked. As a fire chief, as a TV guy, as the member of a club, he had many friends. I realize now that the half-staff flag at the fire station was for him. Godspeed, Floyd.

• It’s a good feeling to watch work finally being done at old city hall. It was a relief to see them stop digging at the edge of the building, taking out the old driveway. It will be interesting to see it progress.

• Sunday the 25th, when I took a walk, my outdoor thermometer said 40 degrees, but gee – it was so cold that my brains hurt. I cut my moving time to one block and scurried home to a little heat.

• It’s interesting that people are seeking me out for kind words. When Reta Murry at the Signal first interviewed me as I began to write, she said “I’ll make you famous” and I guess she has.


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