Few topics are as important to this county or this newspaper as the Tillamook Forest. Over the past 15 years, The Daily Astorian has published three special series of articles on the Tillamook. The most recent series appeared last week, written by Kate Ramsayer and illustrated by Lori Assa.

Ramsayer did an excellent job of portraying the meaning of the ballot measure that would allocate the Tillamook's resources.

The ballot measure season is upon us. Once more, voters will be confronted by a set of complex propositions that demand careful judgment. A newspaper should be of assistance in unraveling those choices. On Oct. 15, The Daily Astorian will publish a supplement about the eight measures on the Oregon ballot.

Removing 50 percent of the forest from prospective harvest would have a major effect on Clatsop County. That is one practical consequence of ballot Measure 34. Before casting a vote on Measure 34, it's important that you grasp its full meaning. We can think of no better starting point than the two-part series published last week.


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