Donald Allison

A few weeks ago, while Sports Editor Don Anderson and I were mapping out the next issue of the Signal, I noticed the Lady Gulls would be playing Yamhill-Carlton on a Friday night in a Cowapa League game, and I made a mental note to be there that night to see what the competition had in store for us. Regular readers of my column remember that the Lady Gulls were my first official sporting event that I wrote a story for, and ever since I’ve been cheering them on and putting them on the front page whenever possible.

Last Friday, the Gulls won handedly over Y-C, and although Y-C made a valiant effort near the end, the Gull’s tenacity was no match (Page 15). It was great to see senior Ashley Mayfield streak down the sideline past all the Lady Tigers and score or pass the ball for two points, and to watch Megan Potter shut down six-footer Elle Jo Anderson. I brought some friends with me to the game and we all had a lot of fun along with all the other basketball fans in attendance. I had such a great time I plan to be rooting and cheering for the girls during their game against Astoria on Feb. 20 in the Gull’s Nest. I urge all of you to go see for yourself how much fun it is to watch our Lady Gulls win and help me cheer them on. They rock!

After the game was over and we were walking out to the parking lot, I realized how lucky I am to live in such a genuine town where people come out to the games or city council meetings because they love their community. That feeling of luck brought a smile to my face when I remembered my path to Seaside and one of my favorite philosophies: If you go into something with good intentions, good things will happen.

When I wrote my column last week, it was with good intentions, and I hoped for something close to what happened on Monday night, but the turnout far surpassed my expectations. I can’t tell you how great it was to see so many people show up and speak so passionately about how they felt. It was a showing of what makes our country great, and I commend the City Councilors for their decision to table the upkeep ordinance until it gets the public’s approval in a workshop.

I loved hearing the laughter of the crowd during the proceedings, and the Mayor trying to drown it all out with his gavel. It brought home the fact that “We The People” are the bottom line and I’m glad I’m not the only one who is concerned about keeping our government in check. It’s good to know all of you are listening when I tell you danger is lurking. We are the power.

Monday night’s meeting really opened my eyes to the disparity between the government and the people, and during an executive session after the meeting titled “Seaside Employee Association Contract Negotiations,” it reminded me of the disparity nationwide between what government workers get and what everyone else gets as far as pay and benefits. Did you know federal employees don’t pay federal income tax? I am curious to know how much of our property tax dollars go toward paying city employees and how much goes toward “upkeep” of 14th Avenue, 25th Avenue and Pine Street. You can look forward to that answer in an upcoming issue of the Signal!


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