This week in at the Capitol I was happy to see that many of my bills are continuing to move through the legislative process.

House Bill 2179 is called the “911 No Sweeps bill,” and relates to the 911 Emergency Communications Account. This legislation would require that money collected through a monthly fee on your telephone bill to support 911 would be off-limits for any other use or purpose.

This is the third time I have introduced this legislation, and I’m happy to report it was approved on the House floor with a unanimous vote and now moves to the Ways and Means committee.

HB 2176, my Seismic Upgrades Bonding Bill, was another bill to get a vote of unanimous support on the House floor this week. This bill would authorize another round of bonding to strengthen essential infrastructure, setting aside $15 million for schools and $15 million for emergency buildings.

This is the same amount included in Gov. John Kitzhaber’s budget proposal. Voters approved a statewide initiative in 2001, establishing the Oregon Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program within the Oregon Office of Emergency Management. HB 2176 will add additional funding to the grant program. With passage in the House, the bill is now in the Ways and Means committee.

House Joint Memorial 3 is the Local Seafood Marketing Initiative. An effort by the Pacific Fisheries Legislative Task Force, it directs Congress to promote the sale of Oregon seafood.

Similar legislation is being introduced in Washington, Alaska, Idaho and California to promote their seafood products.

Lawmakers saw the obvious value to our economy and unanimously approved this measure on a House vote. HJM 3 has now moved to the Senate Rural Communities and Economic Development Committee, and I have been speaking with the Committee Chairman, Sen. Arnie Roblan, D-Coos Bay, who is confident of its passage.

It is always great to see constituents from District 32 visit the Capitol, and I had a wonderful opportunity to welcome some friends this week.

During the legislative session, young people can participate in the honorary page program in the House or Senate chamber.

This week, Tillamook High School freshman Max Norris took a turn as a house page. Max is interested in political science, government and law, so this was a great opportunity for him to get a close-up view of the state legislative process.

I was proud to see him introduced to the assembly by Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, and I was personally delighted to be able to introduce Dia Norris in the House gallery.

State Rep. Deborah Boone represents House District 32, which includes Clatsop and Tillamook counties and a portion of Washington County. She lives in Cannon Beach.


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