Claire Lovell

• Polly want a Quacker? Do you have your duck yet for the Necanicum race on June 13th? If not, it can be purchased at Compass Community Bank for $5. I heard on the radio that proceeds are to benefit Seaside Kids. It’s an easy way to contribute!

• How come we get so many phone books and yellow pages? Each deposit at my door is an irritation. Once every three years would be plenty for me. I’m still using an old Quest 2006 phone book.

• Not in my toughest days could I have jumped rope barefooted – least of all on pavement. Seeing Riley Hawksford and Haylee Dundas doing just that as “Tsunami Skippers” (Signal, April 23) made me cringe. What are kids made of in this generation? I wish I had known about their car wash though before it happened. Having one from somebody at least every two weeks would be a good deal.

• The May Day Fairy left another bouquet on my doorstep from my friend Christine. Flowers are a girl’s best friend and thank you. May baskets bring back memories which I’ve mentioned in my book concerning bygone days. The older I get, the better I like them.

Incidentally, my publisher has told me it’s ok now to say that if it’s not available in the market place, right now, it’s only a matter of days. I still find it hard to believe. To me, the first part is more readable than the last pages, but since it’s a relatively small story (I left a lot out, ha) it should be no chore to read.

• I really goofed on my remarks about the National Day of Prayer. My information about it came so long ago, I misread the date and just assumed it had taken place. This time I did get to go. The date was May 7, a rainy morning before an inspirational meeting. I hope by next year, I’ll have my voice back – all things being equal and can truly join in the singing.

• Just a reminder before Memorial Day… if you plan to hang your flag out rather than have it on a staff, the field of blue should be in the upper left corner to observers. Hey, I wouldn’t keep nagging if I didn’t see it so often done improperly – especially on television.

• On Wednesday I attended the memorial for Henry Norling at American Legion Post 99, arriving late which was a disappointment. Hank died March 24. I didn’t really know him that well but he’s always been part of the scene. At first when he got his motorized chair, one would see him occasionally, tooling around. His friends and neighbors had quite a bit to say – all good. I didn’t realize Hank had taught Auto Mechanics at Clatsop College and was held in high regard. Look hard at your own neighbors. One might find great treasures there.

• A minister, hoping to add on a new auditorium, once announced in church: “A person who puts $1,000 in the offering plate today can choose the next three hymns.” A little old lady in the back piped up: “Pastor, I can do that.”

“And what are your choices?” he asked.

Looking over the congregation, she quickly pointed – “Oh, I’ll take him and him – and HIM.”

Quip Corner: To find out who could knit the best sock-like shoe for babies, we started a bootee contest.