SEASIDE - My daughter, Robin, thinks Viburnum is nice and says that some varieties are fragrant. I’ve always thought it one of the least attractive plants around. I’m also quite sure that the kind we have everywhere does not smell good but someone must surely like it. Too bad that someone isn’t yours truly.

A recent article about Owens-Adair getting its windows replaced made me feel a little down in the dumps. Of course I’ve always regretted that the former St. Mary’s Hospital, and my alma mater, was not retained and refurbished as a hospital. It always seemed like sacrilege to turn it into housing. We accomplished quite a lot there. All of my children were born there. I had the best job of my life there. I could always pick out the rooms to which I was assigned after various surgeries myself and could recall many situations for other people as well. What went on with the dozens of doctors who once trod its halls was important too. Medicine was a lot different in those days and as for nursing itself, there have been so many changes in 72 years. Still, I think the Florence Nightingales of this era have missed out on a lot of pioneering and more personal contact with their patients. I’m glad to have had a more primitive education. I’m glad we wore white uniforms with caps and capes. Girls of the old sister-hood can’t recognize the nurses of today. But we’ve already told our story in the Cumtux magazine of Winter, 2011. Time marches on.

The weatherman has been great to give us several sunny days in a row. It’s been a nice change from April showers and there are more in the forecast. I even got some sunburn on Monday.

On May 8, my niece, Judy (Ober) Wharton and her husband, Mike, took me, and their friends to Camp 18 for dinner. I guess the birds are out all the time there because they have feeders everywhere, but I’ve never been at the restaurant when they’ve been so active. We saw dozens of finches; a couple of tanagers, some Stellar’s Jays, a hummingbird or two and a flock of band-tailed pigeons. It must cost a fortune to keep them fed and they have the good stuff too, like thistle. There was excitement when we came home because I thought I’d left my purse behind. After I’d done all the credit card changing, it appeared in plain sight, so I’ve made a new resolution, which should be good for everybody. Whenever I leave a place of business, I intend to check out everything I’m supposed to have with me and try not be such a flibbertigibbet. Does anyone think that will go well?

Quip: I would imagine that as fireflies develop to maturity, they must have many glowing pains.

I think I saw a Stellar’s Jay with a baby bird in its bill. Does that happen? Ooh – such a mean bird.

Claire Lovell lives in Seaside and can be reached at (503) 738-7215.


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