On this National Day of Prayer, I too have some things I will be praying for.

I will pray that our troops are brought home from the catastrophe that is the Iraq war.

I will pray that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are removed from the offices they have so dreadfully misused and disgraced.

I will pray that the citizens of the world forgive America for this disaster.

I will pray for less violence.

I will pray that all Americans enjoy equality under the law, even gay citizens, and that means marriage equality, too.

I will pray for universal health care.

I will pray that no woman is ever forced to carry a child she does not want, and that no child comes into this world unwanted.

I will pray for better sex education and birth control and an end to the ineffective "abstinence only" programs.

I will pray that the conservatives on the Supreme Court have a brief tenure.

I will pray that people of faith remember, in America, freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.

I will pray that people of faith remember the rules and laws of any particular religion, apply only to the members of that religion and not the rest of us.

I will pray that Americans remember there are people everywhere dying of hunger and thirst.

I will pray for all people of the world, as we are one.

I will pray for people to simply be kind to one another.

KK Toomb



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