City was resourceful and intelligent in acquiring technologyProgress comes in small steps more likely than it comes in giant leaps. Andrews Adams described an array of small steps in his Wednesday article about new technology at Astoria's sewage treatment plant. There is a healthy amount of ingenuity behind the innovations that Adams described.

In essence, city public works personnel are shaving money from the municipal energy bill while infusing the sewage lagoon with more oxygen, which accelerates he process by which microorganisms break down wastewater. The city was enterprising in acquiring this technology with a grant and a loan.

One of the biggest payoffs in this new scheme is that a computer could control effluent release from the sewage plant. Thus, it could be timed with the Columbia River's flow.

The intelligence and resourcefulness behind this process is reminiscent of something that the Astorian Cindy Price said recently. "We're a small place, but we're a smart place."


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