Is the will to win intact?Following Sept. 11, 2001, George W. Bush warned that the war on terrorists and their sponsors would be long and of global reach. Persistent pursuit of such a goal was always going to be hard to maintain, whether because of the softer options offered the electorate by the political opposition or through bureaucratic inertia. Sensing this, two neo-conservatives, David Frum and Richard Perle, have issued a renewed wake-up call. "We can feel the will to win ebbing in Washington," they write in An End to Evil. "We sense the reversion to the bad old habits of complacency and denial." They remind their readers that the likes of Osama bin Laden require another spectacular act of mass murder to justify their propaganda, and conclude that there is no middle way between victory and holocaust. ...

It is, perhaps, best to see the Frum and Perle book as the opening shot in a bid to set the agenda for a second Bush presidential term. The issues they discuss will be as relevant then as they are now, and their bold solutions will still deserve a reasoned response. For both men have fully grasped the seismic change in world affairs that Sept. 11 represented.

- The Daily Telegraph, London


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