The Daily Astorian welcomes letters to the editor for publication on the Friday Exchange page. They may be mailed, e-mailed or dropped off at the newspaper offices in Astoria or Seaside.

Editors remind readers to keep their tone positive while avoiding personal attacks on individuals or other letter-writers. The page is designed to represent a variety of views, which is why editors ask regular writers to limit their submissions to one letter a month. Submissions that go over old ground without introducing new material may be returned. Letters are subject to editing for clarity, grammar, content and length. Writers are advised not to go over the maximum length, which is about 500 words.

Mail letters to: The Daily Astorian, P.O. Box 210, Astoria, OR 97103; or drop them by the newspaper's offices, 949 Exchange St. in Astoria, or 140 N. Roosevelt Drive in Seaside. The Daily Astorian offers a way to send letters electronically. Either e-mail directly to ( or call up the paper's Web page at and click on the Letters to the Editor button. All letters, including electronic letters, must include the writer's name, address and phone number for verification. All paper-copy letters must be signed.