Iread the September review of JP's Restaurant in the Coast Weekend ("JP's menu is both overboard and underwhelming," Sept. 10). I was surprised that such a biased load of garbage would be printed. I don't wish to sink to the low level that The Mouth has sunk to (I'm not sure if many would), but this review was pathetic.

Having worked in Cannon Beach at the Chamber of Commerce and Information Center for nearly four years, I ate at JP's Restaurant many times. The food was/is fantastic. JP's stands as one restaurant that always received my recommendation when directing visitors to a great meal.

The Mouth dissed three of my favorite items served at JP's. The marionberry whiskey barbecue sauce is one of the best barbecue sauces I have ever had, with plenty of marionberry in it. Their vinegarette should come in a bottle to take home, and, most importantly, I wish I had the recipe for the bread.

The review was slanderous and inconsiderate. It sadly leaves in question the legitimacy of such a reviewer. We all have our opinion; hopefully any possible damage done to JP's by this review will be undone by the outpouring of positive support and worthwhile reviews submitted by real food "critics."