Distracted by anger and grief over the election results, I almost didn't catch the impact of the front page article ("Energy firm eyes Warrenton site, The Daily Astorian, Nov. 4).

Three meeting dates where also given. Focusing on the word "public" in two of them, I marked those dates on my calendar, only to realize the next day, Friday, that the crucial meeting would take place that evening at 5 p.m.

Well done, Port Commissioners, giving one day notice to the public before a special vote to sign a 5-year lease with Calpine and schedule information meetings afterwards.

I know there will be many more meetings during the lengthy permit process, but there should have been open discussion and information before this unanimous vote, which smacked alarmingly of a done deal.

Another grave threat to this area is upon us, a blight time bomb worse than Alumax years ago. I am not convinced that this will bring jobs and tax dollars. Historically, such company promises are rarely kept with jobs going to outsiders and taxes deferred.

I am outraged that the participation of the public was minimized before the first crucial step.

Karin Temple



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