Our local schools have been in turmoil lately. The money has been short, the schools have been restructured, classes are larger, and teachers are stretched thin. These are all facts that nobody disputes.

Each of the Astoria School Board candidates hopes to tackle issues including those just mentioned. The differences lie in how to go about creating positive change for our children, their teachers, and the community. Laura Snyder is an advocate for our schools who will not lose sight of our long-term goals while addressing short-term needs.

As an Astoria resident and a teacher in a neighboring district, I have had many opportunities to discuss the state of education both locally and nationally with Snyder. Her vision is one of longevity. She will not sell out the long-range interests of our schools for a short-range gain. At the same time, she is well informed on issues regarding school change.

I've discussed many educational books with Snyder, including Making the Grade, by Tony Wagner, and Deborah Meier's In Schools We Trust. Both of these authors are national leaders in the field of school improvement. Laura has gained knowledge and information from these and other books. Her sound ideas about what is best for education have been carefully crafted over time via parenting, reading, interacting with advocates for education, and being involved in the community.

Through educational discussion, research, and experience, Snyder understands the issues facing schools today. I urge you to vote with me for Snyder for Astoria School Board position No 4.

Jeremy Hirsch

Middle School teacher