The more I hear about Calpine Corp.'s proposed liquefied natural gas plant, the more it becomes clear that we will all pay for this plant and the few jobs it brings.

Those who make their living in the fishing industry will pay by having their livelihoods reduced by the exclusion zones around LNG tankers. Those using the Astoria airport will pay by having their landing and take-off times restricted. It is hard to see how the airport can operate at all, because it is so close to the proposed LNG tanks.

Those using the river for recreation will pay by having access denied. And we'll all, as taxpayers, pay for the increased security required for LNG shipments, that is, the large increase in Oregon State Police and local police, as well as the additional U.S. Coast Guard boats required for tanker escorts.

This looks very much like corporate welfare, where profit for the few at the top is paid for by the rest of us.




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