I feel the signs posted around the county urging residents to "vote for the college" are deceitful. The wording should instead be "vote for the new Clatsop County Community College campus."

To a voter unaware of the controversy surrounding the possible construction of a new college campus, the words "vote for the college" might give the false impression the college will close without a "yes" vote.

As a taxpayer, I want all available money spent on remodeling the existing structure. Need a new furnace? Buy one and have it installed. Need lab equipment? Buy some. Books, etc.? Buy them. Hire qualified teachers and professors.

As for the handicapped students, there is one very easy, no construction involved, no elevator required solution. I recently had one installed in my home, and I love it. It's called an inclinator. There are a myriad of models available.

Mine is a very comfortable padded chair, and it runs on a track bolted to the stair treads. It's powered by two batteries positioned under the seat continuously charged by being plugged into an ordinary electrical outlet.

My chair has controls in the chair arm and two portable remotes mounted on the wall upstairs and downstairs. One can be purchased that goes up and turns the corner and continues onto the second story, turns the corner, etc.

The American Legion has had one for many years that accommodates wheelchairs. There are many other devices in this modern day and age that can make the present campus handicapped-friendly.

What is the present enrollment of the college? I mean physical bodies, not some inflated "on paper" statistics. The populace of Astoria is aging, and I don't believe those new condos will be filled with families planning on raising children.

I've been paying property taxes since 1963, was widowed in 1982, and live on a widow's income. I've seen my taxes rise by leaps and bounds since the 1990s.

I think this college campus will be an albatross around the neck of taxpayers like me. I have voted against the bond measure.




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