It's official now. The U.S. has entered the category of a Third-World banana republic and continues its inexorable march on the road to socialism. The latest shameful step was taken when the "obamanation," euphemistically referred to as the Health Care Bill, was passed and signed by the empty suit in the White House. Thank you, Democrats for staging an incredible display of arrogance, mendacity and corruption.

This bill was brought forth at the behest of the Chicago community agitator - or "organizer" - and twisted into its final version after a full year of corruption including bribery, threats, secret deals and lies by Democrats and then forced onto the American people. The public, according to innumerable polls, is overwhelmingly against it.

The Democrats, led by the most unqualified, most left-wing and incompetent president in history, have been declaring the wonders of this monstrosity. If it's so wonderful, why did it take a year to pass, despite large Democrat majorities in both houses? If it's so wonderful, why are congresspeople exempt from its "benefits." If it's so wonderful, why are we prevented from making a choice, and why is it necessary to hire 16,000 additional Internal Revenue Service agents to enforce the implementation of this "wonderful" plan? Will they be uniformed, Nazi style?

Why was Washington, D.C., inundated by tens of thousands of average citizens who gathered there to protest? Never mind that the constitutionality is being questioned. Never mind that we won't have the money to fund it despite huge additional taxes. Never mind that more than 40 percent of the nation's physicians say they won't participate, and that an estimated 30 million more people will be added to the health insurance rolls. Less doctors and more patients obviously means less care.

It's another step of government controlling the people. The Democrat administration has clearly shown the direction it's taking: innumerable "czars," and industry takeovers with more intrusion on the way spells socialism. The recent bill-signing hoopla was celebrated by Democrats as a great victory. Victory? Over what? A victory of lies, threats, coercion, bribes and false promises, the way it's done in Chicago where the presidential puppet learned his trade.

The ultimate goal of this gang? Complete control over the nation, a virtual dictatorship. However, honest citizens can still vote, at least for now, and the November elections are when voters can, to quote the queen of corruption, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, drain the "swamp." Then maybe the public can create real "hope and change" instead of "hoax and chains." Then we can turn to other tasks such as impeachment.