Re: "Breakfast? Check. Lunch? Check. Dinner? That's another story," Coast Weekend, Sept. 17. Many of us who actually live on the Long Beach (Wash.) Peninsula have been offended by articles The Mouth of the Columbia has written about our eating establishments. It seemed that he searched very hard to find just how many bad things he could say about the Castaways in Long Beach, and now he has done the same at The Dunes Restaurant in Ocean Park, Wash.

Does anyone know or care that these small, locally owned dining spots are visited regularly by many of the locals? The people who own these local places, and their staff, greet many of their customers by name, know our likes and preferences and not only serve us, but visit with us and often inquire about our friends and families.

If the food is as terrible at The Dunes as The Mouth claimed, would he like to explain how they have managed to stay in business all these years? Why do so many of our "summer people" hurry to The Dunes upon arrival? Also, why do so many of the locals meet at the Castaways before going to a movie, or take a break there while running errands?

Of course, I realize we do not live in New York City, or even in Portland or Seattle, but believe me, when you live on a set limited income, as many of us in our area do, we will not spend our money in places that serve food as terrible as The Mouth seems to find it.

We may not have the extremely sensitive taste buds he has, but we do know where to take our friends and family for good food and friendly service. And I am sure the words of our local mouths are taken more seriously than those of an out-of-town food critic.

What a miserable job he must have - being forced to eat at all the horrible places where the servers cannot even pronounce the wine names properly.


Long Beach, Wash.