What occurred on April 15-19 in Boston and the surrounding metro area is a chilling reminder that our resources to combat terrorism must remain unwavering and vigilant.

And, it jogged a memory of a comment from The Daily Astorian’s opinion page on Jan. 24 (“Sheriffs buy into politics of gullibility”), that was a left jab at former Clatsop County Sheriff, John Raichl, suggesting he was too quick on the trigger in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks; he had to be slapped down a peg or two by Gov. Kitzhaber for saying he might organize a “civilian defense force.”

Well, many local residents recall that former Sheriff Raichl, back in the 1990s, was a key player in the largest multi-agency bust of a drug cartel ever accomplished in this geographic area. Oh, and how many of us appreciate the grim fact that proceeds from international drug trafficking finance, in part, international terrorism? The nerve.

How many of us knew that Raichl spearheaded the successful effort to dislodge a terrorist training facility, within our county’s borders, that relocated to another remote area of Oregon? There, they drew the attention of federal authorities and were ultimately shut down. Really.

Finally, John Raichl, like his father before him, also served his country in the military during the Vietnam War and beyond, until 1992.

The Jan. 24 editorial addressed certain county law enforcement position statements around the state, and the very hot issue of expansive firearms legislation following the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. But why did the writer fire a cheap shot at a man who successfully did his best to serve, protect and defend both county and country? Why, indeed?

A public apology to former Clatsop County Sheriff John Raichl is in order, and would be appreciated by many of our county’s citizens.