I believe that we, as Warrenton citizens, should be cautious of the Warrenton School Board recall. It is easy to criticize this board when you only know part of the story. We elected and trusted them to make decisions to be best for our schools. You may or may not have agreed with them, even if you knew all of the reasons for their decision. But still, you don't know all of the facts. The board can't, by law, disclose everything they know.

If and when this recall is voted on, and during the following discussions, we will no doubt be of differing opinions without all of the facts and reasons. The damage that can be caused with hard feelings will last a long time. We don't need this standing in our way.

The good thing that is happening now is your renewed interest in your schools. You will now run for the board or support someone that you trust. This is the right way to handle this disagreement.

As a past member of the board, and a member of the construction committee, I wrote a letter to the superintendent, with copies to the board members. I suggested a different management style, where temporary committees would be formed at the pleasure of the board. They would be made up of qualified community people and staff of a particular field of knowledge. They would take on subjects like school discipline, sports, construction, reading, etc. I believe that this would have avoided this recall and would make a better school.

Continue to be interested in our children's education. Vote for your best board candidate. Know what they believe. Let them know what you believe. But don't expect them to agree with you all of the time.

If we expect to provide the best education for our children, we will have to become involved.




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