A brand new community college building with all the bells and whistles does not guarantee an excellent education. Good instructors, an adequate physical plant and classroom equipment will satisfy the requirements of a good, sound, community college.

Every year taxpayers are asked to fund various projects. These taxes have a way of piling up on the total amount due each year while the tax assessor increases the assessed value of our homes.

Updating the community college need not be a total rebuild. The present location can be remodeled with money on hand - no new taxes. When one prioritizes within the family budget, more often than not the most cost-effective way is the one generally chosen. This standard should be weighed when considering whether to remodel the present community college with existing funds or going into debt up to 21 years to the tune of $34 million (plus interest) for a new physical plant.

One must consider the fact that in this area there are many retired people with fixed incomes, as well as many working people with low paid jobs with income just above the poverty level. To these people an increase in property tax would create an additional hardship.

Chuck and Judy Tontz



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