To Don Larson, mayor of Seaside: I usually hold my own counsel, but this needs to be said.

Several weeks ago, I listened to you use your office on a local news program to criticize a committee member for speaking his mind.

Ken Meiser was right to express his opinion as a committee person at a committee meeting. To make personal comments on a local radio news program, under the guise of mayor of all the people of Seaside, is unworthy of a person in public office. That media forum would not have been available to a private citizen.

To demand respect, one must show respect. If a person holds an idea or view different from your own, you should not equate that as a personal affront.

After listening to your public attack on Meiser's constructive criticism, I found you speaking on a morning radio news show as the mayor once again Nov. 12. You characterized the people who call themselves "NODOTS" as bad people who work against what is right for Seaside, and then explained that two city councilors, who were opposed to your side of a question, were uninformed and had not done their homework. They were "holding up progress." More personal comments, under the color of office in the guise of news.

Ridicule and belittlement of others are not the tools of a successful leader. Even people with thin skins must one day seek a consensus through some compromise.

Your report card says, "Does not play well with others."

I see this opinion as a rebuttal to your use of public office to forward a personal agenda. But enough of the civics lesson. I hope you can find the qualities of leadership within yourself that will help you bring the people of Seaside together and work toward the future.

I am just a new guy in Seaside, only been here 44 years, and I care. But it takes a whole city to raise a mayor.