I subscribe to The Daily Astorian and can’t wait every week (we receive two to four issues at a time) to read about my future hometown – we’ll be moving into our home there in about seven years.

Since we don’t have any children in sports in Astoria I usually skip that section, but a photo in the May 15 issue caught my eye  – the one that showed a runner sliding into home base and caught the ball in flight. Amazing!

This was such a great photo that I started looking at previous issues and realized what a great photographer Alex Pajunas is. They make me feel like I’m actually there, and I feel the excitement of the moment. My son was in Little League for many years and I can really relate to these pictures.

So thank you, Alex Pajunas, for your wonderful pictures. The Daily Astorian is lucky to have you create these wonderful memories, and I hope to see your work for many issues in the future.