What better way to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of Fort Clatsop and Lewis and Clark's trip than to rebuild Fort Clatsop by Dec. 25, 2005, approximating the original schedule of Lewis and Clark. ("Mystery fire destroys Fort Clatsop," The Daily Astorian, Oct. 4.)

The rebuilding itself becomes the 200-year celebration.

The Fort Clatsop Historical Association can undertake the rebuilding since it can respond quickly and, as a nonprofit, can receive and acknowledge contributions in cash and in-kind for the rebuilding.

Timber producers should be willing to help with logs and labor. Since there is no mechanical (water, electric, air conditioning, sewer, etc.) involved, the plans and engineering certifications can be rapidly developed. Planning can proceed while rubble clearing is done. In this way, construction during November and December becomes an integral part of the celebration.

The challenge is here. It can be done.


Kresgeville, Pa.