Social Security is a very good program even if 70 years old. One of the fantastic benefits is that poor farms in America are history.

But some constructive changes are way past due:

How about preventing Congressional politicians from spending every last dime American workers pay into Social Security? There is no trust fund, only IOUs. The money is often spent on home state projects such as studying tattoos in California, which should be paid for by Californians, not all American taxpayers.

How about having CEOs, with multimillion dollar paychecks, pay fully into Medicare?

And how about taxing trust funds, with billions in virtually tax-exempt income?

How about stopping unsafe employers from evading their responsibility for on-the-job injured workers by passing the disability payments on to the Social Security program?

How about permitting beneficiaries for your money? At present, if you die before retirement, you lose every cent of your payments.

There could be many economic benefits from permitting ownership in your funds. For example, perhaps workers would want to pay in and refuse under-the-table payments where nothing is withheld.

We're told Medicare is riddled with fraud. Good accounting controls are way past due.

Let's work for constructive change and stop the fear-mongering. Think positive.