The Daily Astorian of Nov. 4 featured at least four letters hammering the Bush administration. Too bad they all contained fallacies that render them impotent in terms of persuasion.

The letter by the Rev. John Wecker ("Watch out, everyone") noted that the Pentagon could pry into student information "unless a student and parent request exemption." Sounds to me that if people really care about their own privacy, they can take precautions and not worry about government intrusion.

Next, one Portland resident claimed, "Clinton lied, no one died. Bush lied, thousands died" ("Lies bite"). Clinton lied and at least 55 Waco, Texas, residents (American citizens, mind you) died at the hands of Janet Reno's FBI. Bubba also lied about trying to eliminate the threat of terrorists and some 3,000 (again, American citizens) died on 9/11.

Laura Tattoo writes all across the board on how President Bush is ineffective ("Run away!"). I do believe that she thinks a president can solve all the world's problems during their term in office and anything less is "an exercise in futility."

The classic is the letter from Betty Sumrall ("Bush league") claiming, "every one of his cohorts is in deep trouble with the law." Scooter Libby has some legal trouble, but that is it. Sen. Bill Frist and Congressman Tom DeLay may have some legal problems, but they are in a totally separate branch of government. The president has no connection to their financial woes. She also states, "Nero fiddled while Rome burned." Sorry, Betty, violins weren't around until the 1500s.

People, please try to get some of your facts straight.