“My way or no way” politics is freezing the country’s ability to solve our serious current problems. For example, the Simpson-Bowles bill for solving our national debt problem was blocked from passage by the chairman of the budget committee, Paul Ryan. His reasoning was that since it did not include everything he wanted he would rather see no action than advance a step toward debt reduction.

His action also was in keeping with his party’s stated goal (stated by Mitch McConnell immediately after the last presidential election) to do all they could to insure the president failed, regardless of what damage this might do to the country.

They have also blocked passage of infrastructure construction legislation, thus contributing to unemployment, and then tried to blame those who proposed the bill for missing the potential jobs creation, when they are the ones who refused to compromise.

Remember when the chair of the house and the president worked out a compromise on several issues, only to have it blocked by a minority in the house because it would have meant some success for the president?

The way to save our nation is to repeat the examples of compromise that were so critical to getting the country started. Remember the compromises of our founding fathers at the Continental Congress, and elect people who will cooperate.




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