In response to E. Robert Nassikas' letter, "An Obamination" (The Daily Astorian, March 26):

I always look forward to his correspondence with the people of Clatsop County. His letters are to the point, no nonsense and direct. It's always a pleasure to read his authoritative assessment of the current state of affairs.

I was especially looking forward to this one, after the Health Care Reform Bill passed. I knew it was going to be special, and he did not disappoint.

Let's see how he did with his FOX-assigned talking points: "community agitator," "bribes," "threats," "secret deals" (good so far), "empty suit" (good one), "socialism," "Nazi" (now he's cooking with fire), "czars" (he worked in czars) and "dictatorship"?(yes, cover all the bases). But he left out "Marxist," "not a citizen," "teleprompter" and dozens of others. But he did finish up strong with "presidential puppet" and "hoax and chains." Now that, there, is brilliant.

But I am a little concerned for his safety, because, you know, this is the first administration in the history of our country to tap phone lines, intercept all e-mail communications and read every newspaper in the nation to look for dissent, so they can use the census to round us up and send us to the political re-education camps that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann told us about. I think they're in Montana.

If we rant and rave and intimidate enough, we just might be able to take our country back. Or, after we drain the swamp and vote them out, we can impeach them.

Keep giving it to us straight up. I'm certainly looking forward to future insights from him. After immigration reform, that one is sure to be enlightening.

It's always uplifting to see patriots such as Nassikas giving the president the much-needed accolades the office is deserving of. As for his " Thank you, Democrats for staging an incredible display of arrogance, mendacity and corruption" statement: You're welcome.




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