Cannon Beach residents, please talk and write to your city council members, including the mayor, about plans for allowing hunting in the Ecola Creek Forest Reserve. Please attend the council work session at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday to make your feelings clear.

After a year and a half of discussions and hearings, the Ecola Creek Forest Reserve Advisory Committee has submitted its recommended Forest Reserve Management Plan for the city council to adopt or adapt.

The committee was unable to muster a majority vote either to allow any hunting in the reserve or to impose a five-year moratorium on hunting. Please let the council know your own preference. Remember, just as a farmer or a timber company can choose to allow or forbid hunting on their property, you, the people of Cannon Beach own the Reserve. You will allow or forbid hunting there.

The Ecola Creek Forest Reserve is a tiny fraction of the forest land in Clatsop County, let alone the state. No one is being shut out from hunting by imposing a moratorium there.

If you look forward to walking in the Reserve without worrying about being shot, or if you want visitors to, please ask your council members to vote for the compromise – not to forbid hunting there forever, which they could, and not to allow it now, but to hold off for five years and revisit the question then.


Cannon Beach


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