I'm a little confused as to why the Warrenton-Hammond school board would rather spend $6,500 plus expenses - travel time billed at $30 per hour and round-trip mileage from Salem (billed at the current Internal Revenue Service rate) - to bring in a one-year superintendent to the school district instead of working with the current superintendent to resolve their differences. The papers on Craig Brewington's evaluations that I read seem a little strange regarding why they no longer want his services.

If it was a public matter or staff that was cause for his dismissal, then I would understand the situation. But it is the school board that has caused this nonrenewal of his contract.

Brewington has worked very hard with certified and classified staff at the school not to cut programs. How do we, the people, know if the interim superintendent will continue to keep the programs that the school district has in place? And why would he even bother, if he or she will only be here for one year, and a new search will begin. A lot can happen in a one-year period.

Why would the school board not listen to the people of the district when they were giving their input at the last board meeting? It seems strange to me that the people who spoke were not taken into account. Why was the board not interested in what Jim Gannaway had to say? They were rude to him, in my opinion, even to the point that he gave his resignation at the board meeting. It's my understanding that he has served on the school board for 13 years.

I think the people of the Warrenton-Hammond School District need to wake up before it's too late and money is needlessly spent and the district is shaken up for an unknown reason.

There are many whys and few answers, and it's much too late in the game to continue in this course of action regarding the school system in Warrenton-Hammond.




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