Thank you, Jeanne Peterson, for giving not only your dance students, but the audience a magical experience with The Nutcracker that will remain with us throughout the holiday season.

Peterson gives her students the experience of their lives. The training that they receive not only teaches the rudiments of dance, but also the rules of expression. The ability to express oneself opens up a world of opportunities and positive relationships that enrich the lives of our young people. Thank you for that. Live music coupled with dance helps us see and experience the world around us in a different way that is full of emotion and expression.

The fantastic staging, that more than likely was quite an expensive addition to the production, was well worth it, as it added another dimension to the Nutcracker experience.

To the parents of the students who are dancers with the Maddox school of dance, and to the parents who brought their children to view the production; talk to your young people about it and let them talk about their experience. This is what gives birth to creative expression.

Thank you, Jeanne Peterson, for producing creative thinkers as a result of their involvement, participation and observation of a fantastic performance of The Nutcracker. The only thing the Portland Ballet has, that you don’t, is a very large venue.

Astoria, Oregon, home of an excellent, exciting and magical production of Peterson’s “Nutcracker” Ballet.


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