Quoting the article, “Split council OKs Annie’s liquor application” (The Daily Astorian, March 20):

“But Middleton’s past, and her failure to disclose her previous name with which she has had several arrests and at least one conviction, was a cause for concern to Astoria Police. Officers also conducted a survey of the neighborhood, where 31 neighbors were opposed to the club reopening, leaving only six neighbors who did not object to it.

“‘We felt that was a material fact that was missing from the application,’ Deputy Chief Brad Johnston said of the failure to disclose a name. ‘And when we started reading through the incidents that Miss Middleton was involved in in particular, there was a common theme of substance abuse throughout.’

“Johnston also said the location’s history – more than 340 incidents in the last 10 years – factored in to his recommendation for the city to deny a recommendation to the OLCC.”

And these are not enough negatives to trigger a common sense unanimous vote by the Astoria City Council to deny these owners the opportunity to reopen this club?