Laurel Eddy got the absolute measure of the film Closer ( "An illusion killer, 'Closer, is ugly but true," Coast Weekend, Jan. 6). Having, as they say, "seen and done it all," I was both intrigued and, I must confess, not a little shocked by the explicit confessional nature of the film. Apart from language, there was nothing visual; there didn't have to be.

Closer offered the viewer a thoroughly demoralizing denouement that was disturbing. If that's the way that society is headed, then I'm better out of it. Coming from me, that's a helluva statement! Always a Julia Roberts fan, I think she has not weathered well, which is a pity. C'est la vie, I would suppose, without being judgmental. Let's have more of the same from Eddy!

Al J. Venter

Chinook, Wash.


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